Social Sciences, Business & Economics
Researchers say Black women are 'left behind on multiple dimensions'

By Marcos Cabello

Business & Economics
America's health system is driving people with heart failure into financial catastrophe

By Ariane Lange

Social Sciences, Mind & Behavior, Business & Economics
Aggressive salespersons beware: In-your-face approach may backfire with some products

By Nick Gallagher

Physical Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Business & Economics
By understanding how fat reacts to force, automakers may be able to design safer cars

By Kevin Wheeler

Social Sciences, Business & Economics
Oil booms aren't what depress women's workforce participation in Muslim-majority countries

By Marcos Cabello

Engineering, Mind & Behavior, Life Sciences, Business & Economics
Radar-based system overcomes breathing-motion artifact to improve remote sleep monitoring

By Beth Newhart

Business & Economics
Market concentration still increasing in US industries, but decreasing at the product level

By Margaret McIntyre

Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Business & Economics
This new bioreactor uses algae to remove hazardous nitrates and pesticides from groundwater

By Tara DiMaio

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